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We know that with the changing time, it is very essential to keep the app up to date if your business has to survive. People choice changes rapidly. So it is very vital that your app has optimum quality. There are so many app in the market that if your app does not score well on the quality parameter, it may happen that your app goes unrecognized. If your app is not of good quality, people will not use it for the second time and your app will get lost somewhere in the crowded app store. So it is highly crucial to give attention towards the quality of your app.


Mobile app testing is the key


Many developers believe that their job is done as soon as the app is developed. But it is a bad practice to undermine mobile app testing. This process is as essential as the development. Whenever you add a feature in the mobile app, it is better to test to remove all the bugs. It improves the user experience of the app.

Testing can be done two ways- manual and automation. Manual testing is good for testing the simpler features. But for the complex process, automation testing is done for testing the regression cases.

Keep an eye on the app performance


High quality apps have good performance. Make sure that your app is providing high speed access to its features. Navigation must be quick and it must have a good UI/UX etc. These are parameters that define the performance of the app. Don’t use too many SDKs (Software Development Kit) as they will slow down the performance resulting in app crashes.

Security is necessary for the app


The security of the user’s confidential and private data is very important. Developers must make sure that the app which is being developed has high security. Android apps are more vulnerable to malware attacks than the iOS. So, special attention must be given while developing android apps. This improves the quality of mobile apps.

Maintain a clear vision about the app


It is very necessary to have a clear vision about the app which you are going to develop a mobile app. You may have lot of experience in developing apps but if you don’t have a clear vision, then it may affect the quality of the app. It should target the users which will result in high number of downloads. So it is crucial to have a clear vision.

Analyse the reviews and ratings carefully


Ratings and reviews are the feedback of your app. Users give their reviews about the quality of the app, what features must be included and what must be removed? So it is important to analyse the reviews and ratings carefully if you have to provide a high quality app.

Final note


The popularity of the app depends on the quality of the app. If you app does not possess high quality, it will result in the failure of an app. There will be less downloads, and bad reviews. So it is important to give attention towards the quality of an app.


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Rise of healthcare mobile apps

Mobile health is experiencing a paradigm shift as customers are looking for more accessibility and transparency. According to the reports, it is estimated that by 2020, global digital health market revenue will go beyond 200 billion U.S dollars. The health sector will generate second largest revenue in the world. There are huge prospects as far as the health industry is concerned. With the upcoming of the internet and mobile technology, the healthcare organizations are quickly adopting the mobile technologies to boost and expand their businesses.

More than a billion mobile apps are sold each year. More than 90% of the people carry smartphones. So it is a huge market for the healthcare organizations to expand and promote their offerings.

Categories of healthcare mobile apps

There are several categories of healthcare mobile apps. These apps help in assistance in diagnosis and checks for the symptoms. Parent health record can be accessed through these apps. Provision of Electronic chart and lab result review is available. Remote monitoring is another category of healthcare mobile apps which include life scan for diabetic patient, remote heart monitoring, oxygen level check, ECG viewer.  Reminder and alerts category have prescription management, appointment reminders etc.

Why healthcare mobile apps are needed?

Healthcare mobile apps are an essential element of a healthcare organization. Previously, the health organization working process was quite slow. With the advancement of the new technology the whole working process of the healthcare has fastened. We need the platforms to increase the awareness about certain diseases. This is where mobile apps come into picture. Not only the apps make us socially aware about the diseases, they also help in improving the conditions of the patients. During the emergencies we need these kinds of apps to get help services.

Perks of having healthcare apps

Healthcare app has many advantages over the conventional ways. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • It has provided provision for greater engagement of the customers. This means that more and more people are focussed on improving their health and wellness by sticking to a very healthy diet plan, regular exercises and following the scheduled medication plans.
  • Healthcare apps reduce the cost of the management operations. It helps in taking decisions faster. It reduces the hospitalizations and emergency room visits.
  • The health apps store all the information regarding the health of the patients. This contains all the information like type of diseases, medications, daily prescriptions, test results, medical history etc. This is very essential as the physician must have all the vital information about the patient and his disease before treatment
  • These lifesaving apps are making a strong impact and they can be used to diagnose diseases. It is observed that people who track their health on the daily basis are much more healthy and happier.
  • Health apps promote and track all the vital of the patient during surgeries and operations. It helps the customers to book appointments and reschedules the meetings.
  • Sends periodic alerts and reminders to notify patients about the daily doses, availability of doctors and other important information.

Future of healthcare mobile apps

There is a huge amount of future as far as healthcare apps are concerned. As people have don’t enough time for the paperwork and other activities, mobile app reduces the time helping us to save the patient’s life saving time. You can use the apps for emergency services and booking appointments with the doctor. This makes the apps very essential part of present and will continue to be so in the future.  healthcare solutions

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Why To Consider Android App Development , Even After Having iOS App

android vs iOS

Android app faces different challenges that iOS app development , but can be proven advantageous due to flexible Android infrastructure . But is there any possibility of replicating my iOS app into Android ? Or do I need to build the whole new app right from the scratch ?

The answer to all above question is its not possible to directly convert developmental work . Even a minor designing change in the app requires tons of development time . This is possible because of difference between the coding languages between the two competitors  . Its not like we can simple copy it and then paste it on another version . There may be the case that app that is featuring currently on the App store may also be on the top of the play store .

Apple app store was firstly launched in 2008 , and since then Android and iPhone are in direct competition with each other fight like Tom and Jerry . Apple launches phone at incremental level . Every upgrade contains few features upgrade with iOS version and chip upgrade . The app running on iPhone 7 will also run on iPhone 6 and iPhone 8 and iPhone X . But yes we agree apple is always dedicated to provide sleek , touch based design .

In 2008 , Android phones has not gained that much ubiquity . But in recent years , they are the most used smartphones worldwide . Android apps are developed to work across all the platforms , where it is large touch screen or a phone with small screen .

Finding Market Fit Product

If app development was science . we would till now have been the einstein of it . Well you have to study market demand in case your user want Android app , you must proceed with it .

If your current position at iOS market is giving you satisfying experience , then you are likely in good place to implant Android app in the market .

Android App Development Allows More Growth

Walk around a New York city and you will find iPhone everywhere . But oh ho wait a minute , are you startup app developer ? Then your presumption is absolutely wrong . Although it’s the fact that Apple is leader in terms of App Store Revenue and hardware profits , but but Android market has already touched 88 % worldwide last November .

In European and Asian countries , where english is not so common , people find it convenient to use Android phone , which fulfils their needs in their own local language . And its the universal fact that in android phone is affordable , whether it is US or whatever country it is . The innovation of phones like Pixel by Google and , plenty of budgeted phones are available in the market , except the added flavour of the world best camera in iPhone . But if we have you buy a camera phone , then you would be don’t take a decision to buy a DSLR camera , instead of phone which has limited memory and small screen size ?

Also right from Google maps to Google drive , all these are the child of Google , which are inbuilt software present in Android phones . Whereas in iPhone they are cohesive and disjointed as they are not native to the platform .

App On Google Play Store ? Your SEO Ranking Will Get Boosted

The key to success in online industry is getting discovered in search engines worldwide , or at least in the market you want to target the customers in . So want to increase the brand awareness ,  SEO(Search Engine Optimisation ) is the key .

Open Source = More Freedom

The most common advantage of Android platform is its open source nature of platform .In open source developers can easily cope up with the upcoming modules due to its flexible easy to use framework . Also Android app development is cheaper and easy process , say integration of push notification in the app can be easily done by using Google Firebase , even within a day , whereas in iOS it can take upto two or three days .

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