Very few things separate a good app from an app without which you cannot live without. The reviews and rating are the ultimate factors that are responsible for the development of an app. It is the process of continuous evolution of the app. If you want to continuously progress with your app, then you have to provide an option for the users to give their feedback. These feedbacks are the ultimate criteria and factors that are responsible for the growth of your app.

Get to know more from the tech community

In this technology enabled world, it is critical to have the advice to the tech people and see what others are doing and thinking about the app. First have their perspective about the app, and then only go for creating the app. The tech community can give you loads of advices which can help you to build the app. They have the technical knowledge of the app. That is why it is vital to have their perspective about the app. Reach out for the technical communities to get help about the technicalities of the app. This will guide you toward all the pros and cons of the app.

Use the social platform

The social platform is a very nice way of understanding about what the user thinks about the app. Create pages dedicated about your app where people can give reviews and suggestions about your app. These reviews are very beneficial to improve your app. Ask questions to the users about the product, poll questions which will give you an idea what people like in your app and what they do not like in your app.  Social platforms are very powerful if used correctly, they can progressively help you in guiding your app to success.

Forums are useful

If you want to provide a platform for the users to give the reviews then forums are great option. Use forums to take review from the users about the product. You can ask them to give their phone numbers and leave the queries along with the issues they are experiencing. This will help you to understand the app from the user’s perspective and you can assist the users in resolving their issues.

Create a beta test team

Create a beta test team to test the features of your app. As these users will have some technical knowledge about the app, it will be a big plus for your app. The group can be created by creating a forum on the local forum where a number of users will be seeing the banners about you making a beta team. You can offer something to them in return of testing your app. This will help you to check your app before getting launched. This is a very nice way to get the reviews about your app.

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Provide In-app reviews

One of the best ways to allow users to provide review is that you have to provide in-app reviews which will allow you to understand what the users think about the app. What they think that must be improved in the app to make it good and how can you provide features that will attract and retain the users. You can use the contact us button in your app to help the users to reach out to you in case they are experiencing any problems.

Make the whole process fun so that people are more involved in providing the app reviews. This set of people will give you the most accurate and profound results. The in-app review option pops out in between of the app will ask the users to give the reviews about your app.

Make the whole process fun

As we all are aware that the people don’t have enough time to write length reviews about you app. So make sure that you spice up the whole process and make it fun. This will make the whole process very interactive and will assist in getting more reviews. Try to do the maximum work of the users by asking the multiple choice questions etc. This will help the users to not spend much time on writing the reviews.

What can you do with the feedback?

The last step is about the fact that what can you do with the feedback. It is very essential to process all the feedback and comments about the app. The feedback must be taken into considerations and improvements must be made to make good feedbacks in the future. Feedbacks are all about improving the app. This is a recursive process. It helps us to make the improvements in the apps.

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You must remember how the various household items started to become frightening transformers in some movies. We have a kind of similar aim! All you can do is embrace the change. Technology is changing at a very rapid rate. We are progressing towards a doomsday probably because with this rapid expansion of technology, anything is possible as far as the future is concerned.

It really does not matter which way you go, you will always find the Internet of Things (IoT) in the process. Internet of Thing is one of the latest technology which is driving the world in today’s times. A lot of buyer are still figuring out, how to get adjust to it.

What is Internet of Things?


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that allows the objects like automobiles, gadgets etc. to interactively behave, making them more smart and allowing them to do our daily chores. These Internet of Things devices use the Internet to send and receive the vital information. The gadgets range from the video surveillance cameras to creation of machines. Truly! The Internet of Thing has completely changed the way we interact with the machines. There was online business, after that online social networking came, now it is time for the IoT to establish deep roots in the technology: connecting the gadgets to technology.

What is meant by ‘things’ in Internet of Things?


The things are the assets in Internet of Things. Whether it is environmental controls, gateway devices, production machinery or IT infrastructure, anything we use to produce the products and run the facilities are the assets. With the changing time, it has been observed that the Internet of Thing is more and more integrated with the artificial intelligence. IoT makes the devices all around the world to connect to internet, share and collect the data. It has made the devices more intelligent, otherwise the devices will be so dumb.

How big is Internet of Things?


The IoT keeps on getting bigger and better. It is making leaps and bounds as far as the technology is concerned. Till 2017, there were almost 8.4 billion devices which will reach to 20 billion devices in 2020. The money spend on Internet of Things is rising with each passing day. Almost two third of the devices found in the world will incorporate IoT in 2020.

Why should you even care?


Internet of Things is all about interfacing the gadgets with lots of information. The assents or things in the Internet of Things affect the way business is done. It has opened up new ways and provides the convenience of communication as long as the user is enjoying the items.

Can you believe that around 5 billion of people are connected to each other through mobile? We use mobile phones for various activities like booking a cab, hotel, make calls etc. We are heavily dependent on the mobile phones. We can’t even imagine a single day without the mobile phones. There does not exists many items in the world that do not use the internet and are not incorporated with the Internet of Things Technology.

Perks of Internet of Things for businesses


There are various advantages of Internet of Things. As more and more sensors are getting enabled on the devices and gadgets, it helps in detecting of any failure of a component and corrects the damaged part before the device stops working. This is a huge advantage as far as the performance of devices is concerned. Data generated by the sensors helps the companies to improve the efficiency of the companies and businesses.

The systems have become more and more responsive and interactive with the help of the real time analysis of the information. IoT has many applications in the health sector. There are many wearables that have built-in technology that reads the body essential reading and provides the valuable information. It has improved the fitness of the individuals. Because of high rated sensors, devices with IoT have been largely used in the security system, making them more intelligent than before.

IoT has been focussed in making the environment of offices and rooms much more interactive and smarter. With the recently launched Amazon’s Echo and Google Home, it can be clearly seen that the world is heading towards a revolution in the way users interact with the devices.

What about Internet of Things and cloud?


We all are aware that the Internet of Things generate huge amount of data. Now, to handle this data, cloud service is used despite the in-house infrastructure. This is because the cloud services are much cheaper than establishing your own infrastructure.

It is clear that the Internet of Things is the terminator of today’s world stretching its reach in each and every business of the world and it will continue to do so in future.

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Planning to develop an app? Then probably you are searching for mobile app development company ! The first and foremost thing to ponder is whether you want to use iOS or android platform to develop your app. Both are huge competitors of each other and share a 99.5% of the mobile app market. So what makes them such a big competitor of each other? Let’s try to figure out!

Android and iOS both have their pros and cons but the most important factor to consider is that which platform supports more app buys as generating revenue is the biggest goal. According to a study, iPhone app makes 75% more revenue than the android apps but the Google Play market is much more than the Apple’s App Store. Another think to contemplate is about the question- why do iPhone users spend more on apps than android users?

Device engagement and demographics


First of all, let’s talk about device engagement. Device engagement refers to the amount of time users gives to the device. According to a report, an iPhone user spends 26 more minutes than android users. The most imperative factor towards choosing android phone over an iPhone is the price factor. Android phone are available at a much lower cost with a huge number of variety. Due to this, android has a huge market offering different engagement levels. IPhone users also spend more time on the e-commerce as compared to the android users.

Various studies have shown that less the price of hardware, less the time is spend on phones and apps. There is a general belief that people who buy low cost android phones are not looking to get much out of their phone where high end android users and IPhone users tend to spend more on the apps and mobiles. It has also been observed that most of the android phone users are from the developing nations. This has not contributed app purchases as the demography in the developing countries does not use credit cards much.

Most of the IPhone users have a very good salary. It has been noticed that the IPhone users have more device engagement which means that they are looking to extract the most out of their apps. So they are more likely to spend on the app to experience more of their apps. IPhone users make the most out of their apps and phones.

Some Statistics


According to a report, 72% people use android while 27.5% use iOS. This makes up to 99.5% of the total market share. The share of men using the IPhone is slightly better than the females. The android phones are mostly used by the people of age between 25 to 60 years while most of the iPhone is used by the people of age 60+.

Brand loyalty is seen as app loyalty


IPhone users are more loyal to their brand as compared with the android users. The reason behind more use of IPhone is because of the brand loyalty. Around 92% of the IPhone users say that they are more likely to buy another Apple product which is 6% more than last year. However, only 77% of the android smartphone users say that they will return back to android. So brand loyalty plays a huge role in choosing IPhone and android phones. People trust the brand so they trust the brand app as well. So people are more likely to use the Apple’s app store due to loyalty.

Pricing of app: Which user spend more on apps?


High expensive cost of the apps is mainly responsible for the revenue of iOS apps. While some apps are available for free on android, they are paid on iOS. According to a report, the pricing of the android apps is even less than the half of the price of iOS apps.

Change is in the air


Chang can be felt in the marketplace. The number of paid apps in the iOS app store has reduced a bit and the number of paid apps in the Google play store has increased due to streamlined buying process. This has resulted in more revenue generated from android apps as compared to last year.

The gap keeps on narrowing


As we have already observed that previously the IPhone users tend to spend more than android but now the trend is changing, the gap keep on getting narrow. Both iOS and android are coming to equal plane. In the future, it will be interesting to see which app market goes ahead.

Major Differences between iOS apps and android apps

  • IOS users have more salary income
  • Google play store has more free apps
  • The price of Apple app store is much more than the android app store
  • IPhone users are more loyal to the brand
  • IPhone users spend more time on the apps
  • Apple apps make more money
  • IPhone users download more apps
  • IPhone apps take more time to develop
  • The frequency of maintenance check of android phone is much more due of so many different devices
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